I just put whip cream in my Coca-Cola because quarantine

Shooting whipped cream into a can of Coca-Cola

Whip cream and Coca-Cola sounds pretty good, right? The quarantine trick is to not use a glass for the Coca-Cola. Just spray the whip cream directly into the can. Fitting the whip cream nozzle into an aluminum can is so quarantine.

The act of fitting the whip cream nozzle into an aluminum can is so delightfully rebellious, then PRRCCCCCHHH. WHIP CREAM! THIS DRINK DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH SUGAR, HERE’S MORE! I’m not even bothering to use a glass.

The question is how much of the Coca-Cola do you drink first, before spraying in the whip cream? Open a fresh new can, and you can’t spray in that much. Drink half the can, and then you are spraying in a lot of whip cream to fill it up. Half a can of whip cream.

However much whip cream you put in, when you go to drink this wonderful combination from the can, the whip cream doesn’t come out the hole. Instead, when the can is tipped back to drink it, the whip cream slides to the back of the can.

Almost like a tease. The whip cream says, “yeah, it was so much fun to spray me directly into the can, now I won’t let you drink me.

So yeah, maybe the Coca-Cola maybe should go into a glass first. Drinking glasses. Those are so civilized.

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