Who designed the Google logo?

Ouch! These logos are like needles!

What do all these logos have in common? They are all designed by Ruth Kedar of Kedar Designs.

Notice how all the logos are very pointy. The sharp pointy aspects of Google’s logo has always been awkward. The serif on the G, g, and l are inconsistent in their treatment. The letter e is needlessly pointy in the bowl and in the nest. On top of all that, let’s throw on a tacky embossed filter.

The pointy aspects of her other logos just don’t sit well with me. The sharp points on these logos feel like needles poking at me. Very sharp needles, or pins. Old dry Christmas needles jabbing into my feet. Giving blood with a nurse about to poke me a needle. These are feelings a logo should probably invoke.

I don’t want to rip on another designer’s work–especially publicly on my blog. But given Google’s notoriety, this designer’s work is very much in the public eye every day. For such an important logo, Google could really stand to have their logo redesigned. Hopefully not by a designer that likes to use the embossed filter.

If anyone would like to rail on my logo designs, feel free to do so in the comments. To be fair, in the late 90s & early 00s, I did my fair share of needle-sharp designs.

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