Why Bill Clinton attracts five-foot-tall bedbugs

Bill Clinton in Chicago

The Transformers Space Bridge must have opened up yesterday, because it dropped off the two most unlikely characters in Chicago. Bill Clinton and a 5-foot-tall bedbug.

First it was kinda strange seeing a Bill Clinton talking about a bunch of cars parked in Pioneer Court. But that made sense because the Clinton Global Intiative is all about green energy. But who knew Bill Clinton has bed bugs?

While everyone was taking photos of Bill Clinton, a woman asked me, “what’s that big bug doing there?” I had no idea what she was talking about. A big bug? But sure enough, on the other side of the cars was a five-foot tall bug watching Bill Clinton!

Five-foot tall bedbug in Chicago

The insect just stood there admiring Clinton. The bugs hands perched interestingly on the railing while he gazed on. It was so cute. We were debating what it was doing there. To settle the debate I HAD to go over and find out what in the world this bug was doing there.

I couldn’t get myself to talk to a five-foot tall bug, so I asked some of the people standing around the bug. A girl started was explaning to me it was a bedbug and I noticed the Hot Shot logo on her shirt. They were walking around Chicago handing out Hot Shot spray when they stumbled upon Bill Clinton. Isn’t that how bedbugs just find people? They just happen to stumble across you.

Free bedbug spray

It’s kinda ironic that a bedbug would be handing out bedbug spray. He’s almost like a renegade bedbug.

A strange day indeed to see a five-foot tall bedbug and Bill Clinton in the same spot. It’s no coincidence that just this week the Transformers 3 movie was released with announcing that the Space Bridge is right here in Chicago. Just across the river. It’s true! That’s how Bill Clinton and this huge bedbug got to the same place. Space Bridge.

Don't touch the bedbug

After all this happened in the morning, I went out to place sticky notes on where Bill Clinton stood and where the Bedbug stood. “Bill Clinton was here” sort of notes. Just to document it. But then the bedbug was still out there! Just like a bedbug. He finds a place and he likes to hang out there for more than you thought. @rebelliousbird took my photo with the bedbug. I felt really weird putting my arm around him, but he was a friendly bedbug.

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12 years ago

I was just going to comment about the guy holding the sign trying not to get too close to the bug (or you? :P) but noticed that you said the EXACT SAME THING in the comments on flickr. In a way it adds to the picture, but if you ‘shop him out it’s just like “two buds hanging out”.

12 years ago

Typo… should have been “bugs” …. j…k! ja-ja-jamonit!

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