Why classical ballet is good music

Yesterday my five-year-old daughter requested to play some classical ballet music on Spotify. Thank you Spotify for allowing us to listen to any music we like. And thank you to Google speakers for us being able to simply just ask aloud for any type of music.

I’ve long loved classical music. As we grew up, my mom would have classical music playing in the house every morning. After all these years of listening to classical, you’d think I would know more about it. But I don’t really. I just like listening to it. I’ve had a hard time classifying different types of classical music.

This weekend I found that I enjoy classical ballet.

Reason 1: The music is a nice combination of energy, but not too much energy.

Reason 2: Softness, but not lullaby softness.

This playlist “Classical Ballerina” in particular has songs that are all in the shorter time length, so there’s frequent variety being played. Thus, you aren’t listening to the same song for very long.

As a male, part of my hesitated in admitted that I enjoy classical ballet. But whatever, it’s enjoyable music. And reason 3: It’s entertaining to watch my daughters dance around the living room to it.

I suppose I could come with a reason 4: if people pay big bucks to go to the ballet, you are there to see the dancing, but you are also there to listen to the music. Thus the music is probably pretty good. I don’t really like this being a reason, because it’s an extrinsic reason.

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