Why did Mat Kearney use a photo of me on his album?

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Somehow I ended up on Mat Kearney’s single, “Hey Mama.” I had to dig this particular photo of me out of my MySpace profile, so I’m not really sure why Mat Kearney’s people were trolling my MySpace profile for photos of his new album. Go figure.

I’m glad I really like this song, since y’know, I’m the one singing it. I first heard “Hey Mama” in the gym today. The hand clapping in this song is really nice, so I wanted to add it to my “Hand Clapping” playlist in Spotify. I got back to my desk, searched for the song, and lo and behold, I thought I was looking at myself in the album cover for this single! In other photos of Mat Kearney, I don’t really look like him, but the resemblance in this particular photo is really weird.

Hi Mat. Too bad you are missing a t in your name. It’s spelled Matt, just so you know.

UPDATE: here’s another photo that has an even closer pose:

me, 2007

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Erin Ellis
11 years ago

haha. this made me laugh. also, i enjoy that song. esp. the hand clapping.

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

If your photo was licensed at some place like Corbis or Getty and he pulled that, he would be sued so fast. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t EXACTLY the same photo, there is enough (and believe me, it doesn’t take much) to issue a cease and desist order. If your photos ARE copyrighted, I would contact him or his management company and demand as much

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

That’s my point. They don’t have to use your photo, even if they replicate your photo and shoot it themselves they are violating licensing laws. I know you’re not a very litigious person and that you see this as more of a neat idea for a blog post, I’m just here to tell you that you could tell him or his management company that they are in violation of copyright laws

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

Even if they did it by coincidence, your copyright is before theirs and you can demand a cease and desist order. The world of licensing and rights is so much fun, isn’t it? 😉

Laurel Kate
Laurel Kate
11 years ago

It’s just like when I was in elementary school and this book came out (http://www.amazon.com/Best-School-Year-Ever/dp/0064404927) and the girl on the cover looks exactly like what I looked like (I was all about pigtails, overalls and round glasses)!

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