Why does Yahoo hate Ewoks?

Why do ewoks like croquet?

Yahoo deleted my question, “Why do ewoks like croquet?”

Everyone knows that ewoks love to play the game of croquet. They are woodland creatures, croquet only makes sense for them to play in their habitat. Ewoks are also extremely playful. They would play croquet all day long.

Perhaps Yahoo think that Ewoks don’t like croquet. And since when is Yahoo an expert on Ewoks? Answer: They aren’t. Yahoo is an Ewok hater. Deleting fun questions about ewoks. Actually, I should post a few more questions about Ewoks to see if Yahoo deletes them before coming to the conclusion that Yahoo hates Ewoks. Maybe they hate croquet. But who can possibly hate croquet? Or Ewoks?

Here’s who hates Ewoks:

Infographic: The Ewok Line

People born before May 25, 1973 hate Ewoks. This chart is surprisingly accurate, because I know people just two years older than me that hate Ewoks. (I’m born in 1975). All my life I’ve had a much easier time relating to people younger than me. The Ewok Line now explains why. Thank you Ewok Line.

It would seem that the Yahoo Answers editor who deleted this delightful Ewok question would be born before May 25, 1973.

Now if I could only get a reason why my five other Yahoo questions were deleted.

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