Why flickr is better than instagram: Reason 1

You can search within your favorites on flickr. You can’t do that on Instagram. For instance, I searched for “balloons” in my flickr favs, and I got these fun results. Try that, stupid Instagram!

fun balloons within favorites

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photo credits:

Balloon in a Summer Sky

Balloon in a Summer Sky by incurable_hippie, on Flickr

Memorial Day Balloons

Memorial Day Balloons by Jonathan Lurie, on Flickr


DSCF4027 by srhbth, on Flickr

201104midapril 264

201104midapril 264 by srhbth, on Flickr

Le Voyage des Ballons Multicolores

Le Voyage des Ballons Multicolores by ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser, on Flickr

life is a balloon

life is a balloon by Mattias Adolfsson, on Flickr


photo now called: “Spudart’s Water Balloon Headquarters” By vivagirlco


balloonpants by iwuphoto

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