Why the Giant Conan Bobblehead belongs at Chubby Weiners in Chicago

As Conan O’Brien so eloquently stated to the backdrop of USA USA chants in his show at Chicago today:

Conan has nobly donated to Chicago a 17-foot tall bobblehead doll in his likeness and he wants to know where YOU want him to put it. Tell us where in Chicago you’d like to see Conan’s big bobbly mug in the comments section or tweet your suggestions @teamcoco with the hashtag #COCOBOBBLE.

I made the suggestion that he put the bobblehead in front of Chubby Wieners at 4652 N Western Ave.

Hey @teamcoco, Give Chubby Wieners some head with the ‪#cocobobble

Feel free to retweet.

Reasons why Conan should put his bobblehead at this location.

1) The pun of giving head at Chubby Wieners is impossible to pass up.

2) Western Avenue is a high-traffic area

3) It’s not the typical downtown location

4) The brown line runs right by here, increasing viewership

5) The bobblehead could be placed under the L. What a classic Chicago spot. Under the L.

6) If the bobblehead is placed on top of Chubby Weiners, that will make the bobblehead all the more grand.

7) On top of Chubby Weiners is a good permanent location for the statue as nobody will eff with it.

8) If you do put it on the roof, you’ll need to get a structural engineer to examine if the roof can handle the raw bubblehead weight. That would be totally rad.

9) I’m a public spaces artist that has over ten years of experience placing public art on the sly throughout Chicago. I know all about how to fit art into the its best location. You already have an expert’s opinion in the field of placing art.

10) Chubby Wieners is rated five stars by hotdogchicagostyle.com and their site claims to be “THE GREATEST HOT DOG STAND THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!”

11) We all know Conan has one.

Why the Giant Conan Bobblehead belongs at Chubby Weiners in Chicago

Chubby Weiners wants the Cocobobble

The best spot for Conan O'Brien's Bobblehead

Doesn’t it look so perfect on top of Chubby Weiners?

Watch Conan present the finest piece of public art ever:

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