Why in the world would Yahoo’s stock be rising now?

Yahoo’ stock has gone from $15 to $25 in the past year. Why would that happen? All Yahoo does is delete my questions on Yahoo Answers.

The reason for the rise in the Yahoo stock price is because they are focusing on their core products. Which basically means they delete Matt Maldre’s questions on Yahoo Answers. They’ve deleted 27% of my questions. Up goes the stock price!

To think back in Yahoo’s acquisition days, I was considering buying Yahoo stock. They bought three of my favorite services:

  • Flickr: my favorite photo service
  • Upcoming.org: my favorite events site
  • Delicious: my favorite bookmarking site.

Those are three core parts of my life. Photos, events, and website links. Yahoo bought all three in the same year!

My favorite Yahoo acquisitions of 2005

I thought Yahoo was gonna be the best company ever!

The price of the Yahoo stock during each acquisition:

  • $31.62 March 20, 2005 flickr
  • $33.57 October 4, 2005 upcoming.org
  • $40.08 December 12, 2005 delicious

By December 2005 their stock rose up to $40. But it has slowly dropped and has never seen $40 since. Thankfully I did not buy. But who knows, maybe if Yahoo keeps deleting more of my questions, their stock price will continue to rise.

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10 years ago

you and I are internet old farts. I wonder what people born in the last 20-25 years think of Yahoo! It’s my tainted assessment that Yahoo! Sports is keeping the company going. They do offer perhaps the best sports reporting in the business. The other news sources are biased due to their intertwined relations with the pro leagues. Yahoo! has been able to keep a healthy distance resulting in the best insights. And they have the best fantasy football service. Don’t discount the might of fantasy football.

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