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Last night I was looking up guerilla art, specifically the wikipedia page. Looking through the history of changes to the page, someone recently removed an artist name, because they said the artist was a “non-notable”. Which is the wikipedia rule. Non-notable people cannot have their own Wikipedia page, nor can they even be mentioned in a page.

But that got me thinking. There should be a wiki website that is specifically for non-notable people. Every single person can be on the non-notable wikipedia.

I would love to have a list of all the artists who have made guerilla art. Like, EVERYONE. Encyclopedic.

The artist that was considered “non-notable” is Amir Baradaran. He was removed from the Guerilla Art page, because he’s considered “non-notable”. He’s made Augmented Reality with the Mona Lisa, and gotten quite a bit of press coverage, per the list on his website. If you ask me, I would put this guy in notable.

That’s what got me upset that he was removed. he should be on the Wikipedia article for guerilla art. There should be MORE artists on that article other than just BANKSY BANKSY AND BANKSY.

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