Will Mastodon have more noise with Flipboard?

As Flipboard joins the Fediverse, I partly get excited, because I want platforms to inter-operate. We shouldn’t have to be locked into one platform (like Facebook or Twitter). Publish in one spot, and let people choose their reader. It sounds great.

I also really love the podcast “Dot Social” by Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. It spotlights leaders at the forefront of the Fediverse. Guests discuss what they learned building the first generation of the internet and how new open standards, like ActivityPub, can forever change the Web and the world of social media.

But hearing Flipboard joining the Fediverse gives me a little bit of dread, because does that mean all the magazines I follow in Flipboard will start appearing in my Mastodon feed? Am I correctly understanding how this works?

I’m not so sure I want MORE stuff in my Mastodon feed.

I need a way of filtering out what I see in Mastodon. Less, not more. Quality over quantity.

The filtering ability looks to be possible in BlueSky. For instance, I have a feed set up to find all the posts made about the Art Institute of Chicago. I also have a BlueSky list with users who don’t post a ton. I call it “Cool people list“.

These days I’m finding the best way to consume content is to simply use RSS feeds in Feedly. Social media these days has way too much noise.

The best solution for social media

What would be the ideal set up for me is to only follow a limited number of people on social media. People who I care about. People who interact back with me when I give a reply. But right now, there are so many platforms out there. It’s hard to keep track of them all. Having a federated platform would be incredible!

This federated platform 100% needs the ability to have a list function. I need to be able to generate a top list of the top people I’m interested in. Then if I have extra time, then I can delve into the rest of the accounts I follow across all the platforms.

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