Will the U.S. Capitol fly my Estonian flag?


Dick Durbin is selling American flags for a mere additional $4.05, you can have your flag flown above the U.S. Capitol. Pretty rad. However, you have to PRINT out a pdf, MAIL it in with a CHECK. What’s a check?

The asterick on the page is pretty funny:
* Requests for flags not flown over the United States Capitol should deduct the $4.05 flying fee from the total amount.

How about the other way around? What if I pay Dick Durbian $4.05 to fly my own flag over the capitol? I’m going to mail them an Estonian flag and send them a check for the $4.05 flying fee. And a $4.00 check for them to mail my flag back to me. I already bought the Estonian flag for $6.47. I can’t wait.


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