William Shatner on how our atmosphere is incredibly thin and delicate

I just happened to catch William Shatner’s conversation with Jeff Bezos just after landing from his outer space trip.

William Shatner had some good words to share with Bezos just after walking out of the module. Shatner had some profound thoughts about fast they went through our atmosphere. And the impression of how our air, our atmosphere is so incredibly thin. It’s like a delicate skin.

The moment you see how vulnerable, the vulnerability of everything. It’s so small. This air, which is keeping us alive, is is… thinner than your skin. It’s a… It’s a… It’s a sliver. It’s immeasurably small, when you think in terms of the… universe. It’s negligible. This air. Mars doesn’t have it. Nothing. I mean this…

And when you think, the crank[?] of the oxygen changed to oxygen, what is it? Twenty percent? At that level. It sustains our life. IT’S SO THIN.

—William Shatner on going to outer space

However, his first few moments outside the module, he was completely silent. It was like, is he ok? He’s 90 years old!

Everyone else was hugging and whooping it up. Opening up champagne spraying it around. Shatner just kinda stepped off to the side away from the champagne.

Then Shatner started to talk with Bezos about the experience. It was kinda surreal, because all the other people whooping and hollering it up. You could barely hear the philosophical words Shatner was sharing. I hope someone writes a transcription of what William Shatner said.

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