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Drawing winterflowers in the snow

The light dusting of snow created wonderful canvases all over the city. One in particular I couldn’t pass up. A planter in the same plaza as the Chicago Picasso sculpture had a beautiful layer of cotton snow. The combination of the round planter with the snow formed a beautiful ringed canvas.

No flowers in the planter? I’ll just add some. Merry Winterjoy!

Drawing of flowers in the snow in a public plaza
Busy city, quiet planter with finger-drawn snow graffiti
Busy city, quiet planter with finger-drawn snow graffiti

Even though I love photographing with my six-year-old iPhone 5s, the battery life does kinda stink. While photographing this planter, my battery charge was around 65%. But then all of the sudden, my phone decided to shut off, briefly showing the battery charge icon. I was just about to shoot a vertical pano of the planter with the Chicago Picasso in the background, but then my phone died. I would have also shot a quick video too. But ah well, I’m glad to have snapped these pics.

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