Wish happy birthday on facebook with a tiny balloon image

Tiny pixel balloon

Tired of giving the same old Facebook birthday greeting? Mix things up and share a fun image. How about using a 15 pixel by 15 pixel balloon? It’s unique and funny.

Sometimes people post obnoxious photos on their friends wall for their birthday. While, I’m okay with posting silly photos, sometimes you don’t want to be overly obnoxious. That’s what is nice about the little balloon. It’s small and humble. And it’s hilarious. Or at least, i think it is.

Please feel free to use this little balloon on this blog post.

Also feel free to use any of my lines about the balloon. Here’s what your post could look like:

Screenshot of birthday wish on Facebook using the tiny pixel balloon

And what’s really cool is when you click on the image, it ends up being this little balloon floating in a this vast wide open space. It’s like a balloon floating in the sky. How cool is that? Very cool.
Pixel balloon floating in the sky

Update, February 2017: 
If you’d like to use a 1500×1500-pixel image of the balloon. Here it is. The round balloon transforms into a configuration of squares. Pixel balloon

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