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The Word of the Day by dictionary.com is wonderful. Every day features a different, interesting word. Recent words include: dissemble, dopester, bewhiskered, fillip, grumphie, and univocal.

The graphics are nice and brief. A very simple digestable explanation is featured on the graphic. These little squares are so handy—and sharable.

dissemble: word of the day dopester: word of the day bewhiskered: word of the day fillip: word of the day

If you’d like to dig a little bit deeper, a little more explanation is given on the dedicated webpage for each word.

With such wordiness goodness, I’d like to find a place online to discuss the Word of the Day. With such geekery, you’d think there is certainly a dedicated subreddit, right? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. There’s a r/WordOfTheDay, but their daily words are different than dictionary.com’s Word of the Day.

Thankfully, Dictionary.com has a Facebook Page. The Page mixes in other dictionary.com posts along with the Word of the Day. I’d like a Page dedicated specifically on Word of the Day.

For the posts they have on their Page, they get a decent response. At first glance, some of the recent posts on their Page has gotten zero comments, making it seem like there isn’t much activity. But I took a closer look at all their Word of the Day posts in October. They get a fair amount of comments.

Number of Facebook comments on each Word of the Day, during October 2018

The median number of comments per day is only three. But dictionary.com is good at responding to some of the comments. It’s nice to see an admin actively looking at the comments and replying.

Plus, some words like schadenfreude and ghosting get lots of comments, 33 and 36 respectively.

If you’d like to engage with dictionary.com’s Word of the Day, their Facebook Page looks like the place to be! I look forward to participating in this community.

Bonus! Here’s a tip. If you bookmark the “photos” section on their page, it shows almost exclusively Word of the Day posts.
Dictionary.com Facebook Page: Photos section

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