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Too long; didn’t read: Use the solution from Wordle as a writing prompt

Is there a community that does a daily writing prompt with a Word of the Day?

It would be fun to be part of a group where everyone is writing based on one word. Or even creating art based on one word.

That’s part of what makes school so much fun. Everyone is making projects based on the same assignment. The process is fun, as people can share their ideas as they are working. Then everyone gets together and shares what they made. It’s a real sense of community.

Existing writing prompt groups don’t fit the bill

A quick google search for: word of the day writing prompts: All the Google results are static LISTS of prompts. I don’t want a list. I want a community where we are all doing it together.

Maybe Facebook has something. Or even Reddit.

• r/WritingPrompts: 15,800,000 members. But these prompts are longer sentences. They also have multiple prompts. I suppose with a community this large, you can get away with multiple prompts. And you get to pick the one you want to do. But I just want something simple. I don’t really want to try to pick one.
• r/WritingPromptsForAll: 558 members. Most recent post is one year ago.

Facebook has at least nine Writing Prompt groups. All of them have multiple prompts a day. The prompts take a variety of forms.

Wordle decides the writing prompt of the day

It would be nice to have ONE official prompt every day. Here’s a simple way of doing that.

Every day take the Wordle solution from yesterday and make it into a “Word of the Day”.

  1. Official. Using the Wordle solution makes it consistent and official. There isn’t anyone getting their feelings hurt by not having their prompt used by the group.
  2. Simple. It’s just one a day. No overload of prompts.
  3. Time to write. We use yesterday’s Wordle, so it doesn’t spoil the results for people playing the game. Plus using yesterday’s word allows you one day to write something.

When doing this Word of the Day with Wordle, all posts will be scheduled for the following day. That might cause a problem for some people. Most people don’t know how to schedule things. But with a WordPress blog scheduling to the future is easy. Just set the published date on the post for tomorrow.

Or if you use Tweetdeck, just schedule the tweet for tomorrow.

What will everyone be writing about tomorrow? Solve the Wordle today for a clue. The Wordle functions more as a tease. (You can play Wordle at powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle. Yeah, I’m using the original URL, not the New York Times URL.)

This is fun. Everyone has a day to write about the word of the day. You get one day’s notice of what it will be. All the past Wordle solutions from 2022 are available from Nicholas Fries post “All Wordle Answers in 2022 (Updated Daily)

How I’m using the Word of the Day

The Word of the Day is a great way to highlight your previous writing. I dig into the blog posts from my archive to find where I’ve previously used the featured word. Here’s my process:

  1. I solve today’s Wordle.
  2. I search my blog for the word.
  3. Find an interesting sentence among the results.
  4. Paste the sentence into a tweet. Schedule the tweet for tomorrow at 7am.

Possible hashtags for the Word of the Day Prompt

Oh! We should make this into a hashtag…. #WordoftheDay? That is probably too common.

I’m tempted to make it #wordofthedaybasedonyesterdayswordle. However, we don’t Wordle to be the focus. People don’t want to think about YESTERDAY’S Wordle. We are gearing this to be more about a simple official word prompt. It just so happens that Wordle decides the prompt every day.

This is a daily word that people are talking about. Oh, how about the TRENDING word of the day? #trendingword. Or is that too misleading? Looking back at some of the previous Wordle solutions:

  • 03/21 – #275: THEIR
  • 03/20 – #274: RENEW
  • 03/19 – #273: ALLOW
  • 03/18 – #272: SAUTE
  • 03/17 – #271: MOVIE
  • 03/16 – #270: CATER
  • 03/15 – #269: TEASE
  • 03/14 – #268: SMELT

Are these words really trending? Is “their” really a trending word? Or “cater”? That’s trending?

Maybe #WordoftheDayPrompt. That sounds better. It’s more geared towards the prompt idea.

Also for tweeting, #WordoftheDayPrompt uses less characters than “Today’s Word of the Day is”, so we have more room to write.

Hmmm. Maybe there is a way of incorporating the Wordle number in this. Every Wordle puzzle has an official number. You see this number when people share their Wordle results. For example, this one is for Wordle 260:

Do we go with #WordoftheDayPrompt260?

Is that too long? Maybe #Prompt260?

Eh. For now, I’m leaving the number off the hashtag. Just a simple #WordoftheDayPrompt (well, as simple as a five-word hashtag can be).

Here’s an example of a tweet:

SLOSH. #WordoftheDayPrompt
In college I would slosh around mineral spirits like it was water. I even washed my hands in it. Now you don’t even want your skin to come in contact with it. No wonder I would often feel light-headed after printmaking.

Do you do the Wordle puzzle?

Maybe you can join in the fun of the daily word prompt using the Wordle solution. Honestly, I won’t be sticking to this every day. I’ll be using the prompt every now and then. If you decide to participate some days, let me know!

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2 years ago

But then it turns upside down and the word of the day is NYMPH. Ugh.

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