World’s largest working cell phone gets pranked

World's Largest Cell Phone is prank called

Outside Tribune Tower in Chicago today is a promotion by Cricket Wireless and Samsung. I know this because I work on the 14th floor of the Tribune Tower and all I hear today is the guy on the loud speaker, “Come everyone make a call on the WORLD’S LARGEST working cell phone brought to you by Cricket Wireless and Samsung.”

“WHO WHO wants to be a part of HISTORY? Who wants to step up and make the next call? Come on and make a text message with the WORLD’S LARGEST cell phone.” After hearing this about a HUNDRED times at work, we joked around how it would be funny to go down there and send a text from this phone; then we’d have the phone number of the WORLD’S LARGEST cell phone. But certainly they would have that phone number blocked or restricted, right? Of course they would. Of coooooourse they would…

I thought it would just be fun to go down and at least participate in this promo and have my coworkers hear me using the WORLD’S LARGEST cell phone. We can hear everything that is going on anyways, might as well have them hear me doing it.

After a short elevator ride down, I arrive outside at our court. There’s only one person in line ahead of me and he’s playing Wii bowling on the phone. He’s got a Wii controller in his hand and he throws a strike! FREE TSHIRT! I ask one of the cricket girls if the has a bowling app. She said, “no, only the world’s largest phone can do that.”

The Wii bowler gets his tshirt and i’m next up. The announcer dude asks me, “What’s YOUR name!?”

“Matt. and I would like to text my buddy from the world’s largest cell phone.”

“We have MATT here and he’s gonna text his buddy!”

One of the cool things is that the actual buttons on the phone work. And they are HUGE. I literally have to walk across the stage as I punch in his phone number. Then I punch in the text.. “Hey, Im on da wrlds bggst fon” Then they had me hit this big red button and BOOM! it’s sent. They hand me a free shirt. And i’m happy to have the experience.

But here’s where the story gets funny.

I go back up to work all happy having been a part of cell phone history. Upon arriving back at work, my friend says, “Matt, where were you? I called the phone back!”

I can’t believe he CALLED the phone back!

My buddy explains, “they were rather surprised, and kinda said off the phone, ‘I didn’t know we were taking incoming calls.'” Through bursts of laughter he continues, “Yeah, I asked for Matt and they said you weren’t there anymore. So I just kinda hung up after that.”

I still can’t believe he called the phone back. Granted, we joked about it before me going down there. That’s funny that I wasn’t there. They were looking for me. Actually, in retrospect that would have been cool to have been called back by the world’s largest cell phone.

There you have it. I am now in possession of the phone number to the WORLD’S LARGEST cell phone. What should I do with it? I’m tempted to txt them. “Hey, turn down the volume on your phone, your neighbors can hear it.”

Watch a video of the phone being made:

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Leigh Hanlon
15 years ago

I think you should call and see if Hugh Jass or Mike Hunt can come to the phone.

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
15 years ago

Matt! Haven’t you ever seen Bart do that on “The Simpsons”?

15 years ago

Nice story! This made me laugh.

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
15 years ago

I wonder if WGN Radio complained. They’re probably getting the brunt of it… although is their little booth sound proof?

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