Wrigley Field to be called Hubba Bubba Field

If i was Wrigley Company, I would buy the naming rights to Wrigley Field from Sam Zell. But I would name it Wrigley Spearmint Field one year. Then Wrigley Wintergreen Field another year. Juicy Fruit Field another year. That way I get to sell new shirts and mugs every year.

I’m sure Wrigley Big Red would not be welcome name. Although Wrigley Hubba Bubba Field would ROCK. Although I would change the name once every five years. Every year is too much.

Wrigley Company also owns Big League Chew. Why Wrigley does not sell Big League Chew at Wrigley Field is a mystery to me.

The complete lineup of Wrigley products that they could name Wrigley Field:

Lifesavers Field is a great name. Just amazing. Imagine the Cubs winning the World Series in Lifesavers Field.

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13 years ago

I still think the name should be left alone.. spudartish ideas are good as long as they remain just ideas. 🙂 I didn’t hear anything about a possible name change until yesterday.. but what’s the reasoning behind it? Money/sponsorship? Inciting riots?

Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Zell is clearly taking marketing lessons from Macy’s. Though I am a purist and don’t believe the name should be changed, I am not completely turned off by using product names on a rotating basis. It doesn’t smack of corporate ownership nearly as much. Granted “Wrigley” is a corporate name, but it has also become an icon outside of gum and mints in the form of a ballpark. Let’s see Petco Park do that. Speaking of Petco Park: “Kibbles & Bits Stadium”

13 years ago

For some reason, I’m not offended by this talk of renaming Wrigley. I don’t think it’s going to change my game viewing experience. If Cubs fans are going to complain about abusive marketing tactics by Cubs management/owners, then they should be screaming and shouting about the stupid rotating sign behind home plate. Now there’s an eye sore. It certainly has lessened my experience of watching Cubs games both on television and at the ballpark. I’m behind the Hubba Bubba Park movement. Just don’t put a giant Hubba Bubba logo behind home plate, ‘k?

13 years ago

That name would make it lots more attractive to children! Wrigley’s used to seem so stiff, as if it were only serving after coffee mints.

13 years ago

They do not sell Big League Chew at Wrigley field because of what people do with gum after they chew it.

12 years ago

So what’s gonna happen to your idea now that Wrigley is being bought out by Mars? It’d be super incredibly cool if Wrigley Field was renamed Mars Stadium.

12 years ago

I’m not sure how I’d feel about M&M Field…

12 years ago

NEW MARS FIELD SIGN AT CLARK AND ADDISON ALREADY! CHECK IT OUT: http://www.unlikelymoose.com/blog/mars-buys-wrigley//

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