Write messages on dollar bills

Wow! Ten bucks!

Ever have a brilliant idea to capture, but don’t have any paper nearby? Why not write your idea on a dollar bill? That way everyone in the world can be a part of reading your idea. You can also write suggestions on dollar bills for people to discover. It makes spending money even more fun. (Yes, spending money is fun, but this makes it twice as fun).

Yesterday I bought some $3.49 sushi at Cafe Typhoon in the Nordstrom mall food court. Without thinking, I pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to the extremely pleasant Asian woman behind the register. The bill just so happened to be the back-side facing up, so she was greeted with the giant blue text that read, “Wow! Ten bucks! What are you gonna do with ten bucks? How about you buy some art?”

In a curious voice she asked, “what is this?”

Looking at the dollar bill I realized that it was one of my art bills. This will be fun. I responded to in a pretend surprisement, “Wha? By what do you mean?” I reach my hand out to hold the dollar bill to investigate this unusual bill. The cashier and I both held the dollar bill together while we read the mysterious text. It was precious.

She chuckled a little. I replied, “well, look at that. Huh. That’s interesting.”

I should have continued on and asked her if she would actually buy some art with that money. But I didn’t. Now I just have to be careful to not spend any more art bills at Cafe Typhoon or else they will be onto my game.

Please everyone, start writing fun notes on your dollar bills and share your precious stories.

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