My writing about money has disappeared

Today I was looking at the categories on A handy list appears in the footer.

I recently added the “notepad” category. Seeing that “1” next to “notepad” is rather nice. It’s like the start of something. 1. One post. The beginning. What will grow from the notepad section? How will it grow? How will this influence me as a blogger? I’m very excited.

As I look over the other categories, I see one for “money“. And there are 77 posts! Which is rather funny, because I’m TOTALLY NOT a money person. In fact, I rather hate money and finances. So why do I have a “money” category? Most of the posts are about me making art with money. Or goofing around with the coins and dollar bills.

I used to do all sorts of things with coins and dollar bills. Like, writing challenges on a dollar bill

I would also put stickers on coins

But I don’t write about these things as much anymore. My most recent posts on money are three years ago in 2018.

Why don’t I write on money anymore?

  1. Pandemic limited my store visits.
    I don’t go to stores as much. With the pandemic, I’ve been mostly home. No fast food. Less Walgreens visits.
  2. Amazon brought my physical store usage down
    With Amazon, we do most of our shopping online.
  3. If I do shop at a physical store, I don’t pay with money. I just use my credit card. Even if I’m buying something for $1. I’ll whip that credit card out. The only time I’d use money is when I’m tipping someone. But yeah, pandemic. No tipping.

It was fun making art with money. I miss that medium. Your art can be carried anywhere. Used anywhere. Discovered by anyone.

Of course, I could continue to make the art. Physical money is still around. The dollar bills and coins just not part of my daily life anymore. Maybe I should make some art about Bitcoin or Ethereum. A couple years ago I made some art about Crypto-art.

The titles of these two artworks are:

Kinda funny that this is what money has come to. Secured computer hashes.

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