Writing on water with floatable letters

What a wonderful idea for a public art project! Writing on water. Making a bunch of floatable letters, stringing them together with fishing line, and then letting them float in the water.

Wooster Collective writes:


From Guildor:

From Writing on water is like writing down a thought in order to keep it secure even when it is shaken by the course of life, to distinguish the important things from those you should just let flow by.

This pictures were taken by the photographer Thomas Pagani in Treviso and Milan.

The two italian sentences, made in Treviso are:

— Think thoughtless

— Happiness happens

The other one, made in Milan, is:

— Love, let the rest flow

Since I work by the Chicago River, I greatly enjoy this artwork. Imagine what it would look like in Chicago. At first I thought the artwork would float away, but the artist smartly ties the letters to the shore with fishing line.

Although I do rather like the idea of the letters floating to new areas. Plus this work inspires me to think of new phrases to include in my art. Most times I use questions to provoke thought. But here Guildor uses some really great phrases.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Wholly unique and very very cool!

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