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Go to with your Walgreens receipt and fill out a survey to win $3,000 cash. Fill out the form and tell about your experiences from your recent Walgreens visit.

Great Walgreens cashiers are the best. I have a favorite cashier at the Walgreens across from the Tribune Tower in Chicago. Her name is Pilar. Today I got one of those receipts from Walgreens that says “How are we doing? Enter our monthly sweepstakes for $3,000 CASH. Visit to take a short survey about this Walgreens visit.” Pilar delightfully pointed out to me that I should go to the website and fill out the survey. So I did. Who doesn’t want to win $3,000 CASH?

There’s a question on the survey, “What did you like most about your recent visit to Walgreens? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)” I love how they put in all caps “PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.” My response:

The cashier Pilar was wonderful, as always. Pilar is the #1 reason why I go to Walgreens almost every day after lunch. She’s a delightful older woman that truly enjoys her job. She recommends yummy candy to me. She’s nice and sweet. Has great attention to detail. Pilar knows what I like and she points out great deals to me. Pilar is able to resolve problems in a professional manner. Very friendly. Very helpful.

A few steps down in the survey they asked to rate the cashier by these five qualities:

  1. Greeting or acknowledging you
  2. Helping you quickly
  3. Being knowledgeable about the locations of products
  4. Being able to resolve any problems or provide options to help you
  5. Making you feel they care about you

Next time I’m going to construct my “Please be specific” essay to follow these five points. It’s fun giving praise to cashiers.

Here’s some praises other Walgreens shoppers gave to their cashiers:

  • “Very accommodating. Always helpful. They deal with people from all over the world.” –Frank Davis
  • “I love to shop Walgreens because they have real good deals. the cashiers are very helpful with finding things and knowing where everything’s located at.” –Alice
  • “I love going to Walgreens cause they have almost everything I need for school and holidays etc. the list goes on I go there every time I get some spending money :))” –DeMarco Horace

Do you have a favorite cashier, either at Walgreens or elsewhere?

Please tell us about your favorite cashier in the comments. Thank you.


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very good sevice everytime i shop


I always return to Walgreen’s to make pictures from my camera’s SD card, because of the quickness and effenciency of the camera departments employees, as well as Tiffany’s knowledge and willingness to help. Pete, at the front register is quick, efficient and wastes no time in checking you out.

gloria reyes

This Walgreens is my neighborhood store. I frequent it at least once or twice a week. I should remember the employees names but I don’t I just remember that all the cashiers I have dealt with are very friendly and helpful,


I like to shop at walgreens. I know most everyone who works there by name. It’s allmost like visiting friends while I shop>

Tammie Ruby

I always receive very helpful and curteous service from the Ironwood, Michigan Walgreens store. The staff is always friendly. I shop frequently at this store because of the convenience, coupons, and special deals!

Roger Parkhouse
At the County Road 30 Walgreens location in Maple Grove, MN I bought some 35mm film that evidently is being continued I bought the film that they had and helpful Samone checked other locations and said that the Elk River Store showed three packs of three. She called the store to verify that store really had them, they did so she asked that they put them aside with my name. Two days later I picked up the film which they had indeed set aside with my name. At least now I can have nine more rolls to use in my… Read more »
Gloria M.

Everything at this Walgreens was so refreshing and clean the air was so fresh and new, I will go back.

William Kappes

Walgreen’s prescription department on Gol Course Rd. In Rio Rancho, NM has always been courteous, professional and very helpful. We are very happy they are they to serve us.

Carolyn Musgrove

I love my Walgreens. Everybody knows my name there. One employee even brought me a quilting book she found at a resale shop. Also, our Walgreens is exactly 5 miles from our home.