X-men logos suddenly appear everywhere in a suburb

Why is someone going around Glen Ellyn spray-painting X-Men logos on people’s lawns?

Today my five-year-old daughter and I noticed three tiny white flags in the parkway on our block. Each flag was planted at the center of a white X with a circle—looking very much like an X-men logo.

What does a tiny white flag signify? From our road construction last year, we learned:

  • blue flag = water
  • green flag = sewer
  • yellow flag = gas
  • red flag = electricity

But we didn’t recall seeing any white flags last year.

Our town has a super-cool app where residents can submit work requests for things like potholes, cracked sidewalks, and tree trimming. I submitted my question.

If you can read my question in that screenshot, you’ll see that I’m being serious, but making it a bit fun by posting my question as a guess.

It’s fun to think that a white circle will eventually become a tree. What if that’s what literally happens? I could potentially teach my two-year-old that if you spray a white circle on the grass, a tree will grow from the circle. (The five-year-old probably won’t believe me. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow on our daily morning walk to kindergarten.)

It’s so humorous that the shape totally looks like the X-Men logo. Someone is going around Glen Ellyn spraying X-Men logos everywhere! And then trees grow from those logos… Does that mean they are some form of MUTANT tree? OH, I CRACK ME UP. Get it? (Because trees are often cross-pollinated to create mutant trees? That’s like a real thing. Mutant trees.)

Does that mean if you paint a red Avengers A, bushes or flowers will appear? When the Village responds to my ticket, maybe I’ll make that suggestion to them.

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