Xfinity thought we had a problem, so they cancelled our tech support visit

Ok, I’m putting this post into my “notepad” section, because it’s just a rant about Xfinity. I’ll cut to the chase with the funny point.

Xfinity has bizarro tech support.

Xfinity thought we had a problem, so they cancelled our tech support visit. Yes. That actually happened.

Here’s the full story

Last night our internet was down. At 4:30pm, the speed got super slow, and then nothing at all. I checked the Xfinity outage map, it said there is no outages in my area.

I reported the problem to Xfinity, thinking I’ll call in a few moments after I try rebooting the modem a couple times. While rebooting the modem, the Xfinity was showing an outage in my area.

Was that just me that made it an outage in my area? Or are my other neighbors having issues?

The speed was so slow, that pages either didn’t load, or some managed to show a bit of html, but no CSS. The speedtest said I was running at 10 kilobits/second. Not megabits. KILObits. As in the days of 56k modems. I was running 10k.

Screenshot of speedtest showing 10 kilobit/s

This wasn’t 56k, or 42k, it was 10k. Welcome back 1995!

The tech agent couldn’t solve it over the internet chat, so we scheduled a tech visit to come to the house. The soonest agent would only be able to come in 48 hours. Yipes! Well, ok, schedule the appointment.

During our pandemic era, I couldn’t just hop over to a coffee shop or library for the entire day to use their wifi. I started to make arrangements with my brother to work outside on his patio.

Thankfully, the internet came back on this morning. I still had that tech support visit scheduled, so I went to cancel that. I don’t want the person to show up, and then be like, “sorry! don’t need you!” That would be a waste of their time. (and I might even get fined for the unnecessary visit)

I try to cancel the appointment

The Xfinity app was saying there is an outage in my area and they are working to fix it. Ummmm, noooo. It is fixed. The online chatbot also said i had no appointment. Ummm, yes, I do. I never cancelled it.

Just check out the lovely chat I had with the chatbot. I was just being really straightforward. The black bubbles are my text.

Xfinity’s records were wrong on both accounts.

  1. They said I had no appointment, but I did make one over chat, and I never got a cancellation notice from them.
  2. They said I had an outage in my area, but everything was fine.

If Xfinity thought we were still having an outage, why would they cancel my appointment?
It’s like bizarro tech support. “Oh, you are having an issue? Let me cancel the tech appointment”

Trying to call to cancel the appointment was a trip too.

You’d think I could just call Comcast and be like, “yo, let’s cancel my appointment.” Done. Easy call. Problem solved. But of course with Xfinity even the solution is a problem.

I wanted to TALK with a human, not some chatbot, so I called Xfinity on the phone. All I got was a robo-response “we know there is an outage, talking to a tech agent will not speed things up”. Literally, they gave me no options to talk to someone.

So I called the number a couple more times trying to get to a real person. Every question they asked, I refused to answer with their binary options. Instead I kept repeating, “Cancel appointment. Cancel appointment. Cancel appointment.”

I’m like, duuuuude, i’m trying to save you guys time!

Finally, I got to a real person. They started off by saying, “I see you have an outage in your area.”

Ummmm, no. I don’t. I told them it’s all good. No more problem. I’d like to cancel my appointment for tomorrow.

They responded with, “oh yes, that appointment was already cancelled.” Ummmm, ok.

  1. Nobody told me it was cancelled.
  2. Why in the world would they cancel a tech support visit when they thought there was still a problem? Only in the land of Comcast.

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