Yahoo deletes helpful and fun questions

Yahoo Answers is like the Wild West for questions. You can ask anything; and the general public answers your questions. With the general public giving answers, you get a range of helpful answers to completely stupid youtube-like responses. It’s a mixed bag, and that’s what partly makes it fun. Anything can happen.

Yet, Yahoo will delete questions. This is the Wild West, man. Don’t delete questions! Is this Yahoo trying to be all intellectual? I got news for you, Yahoo. You ain’t intellectual.

Yahoo, you are the Youtube of search engines. Yahoo is like Sears. All utility. No style. Yahoo is the White Sox fan of search engines.

Here are six questions I submitted that Yahoo has deleted:

Are there any web development agencies in Chicago that do Drupal work?

— Why did Yahoo delete this question? It seems like it would be really helpful.

Are there any artists who made artwork with other famous artist’s signatures?

— Yes, this is an obtuse question, but obtuse questions expand the spectrum of types of questions that can be imagined and asked.

If you found a magic stick, what would you do with it?

— Only a person with cold, hardened heart would delete this question.

Is there one screen to see if any of my friends made any new playlists in Spotify?

— Another specific question that would be a help. Maybe too specific?

What American cities have the most parks?

— Now this seems to be the type of question that Yahoo would totally want. My mind cannot comprehend why this question was deleted.

Why do ewoks like croquet?

— Yes, yahoo hates ewoks.

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10 years ago

I’m sure Yahoo deletes questions that people post with the intention of using that space for free advertising. So that may explain the agency Drupal question. The same sort of logic may apply to the Spotify question. And the very least it inadvertently advertises another internet service.

The parks question is legit. It’s a shame it’s gone.

I’m guessing Yahoo wants their answer service to be strictly fact-based. That’s all I use it for. When you get into non-fact based answers, then there’s some really, really bad and very wrong answers that people provide. It completely devalues the entire system.

10 years ago

Yahoo! is the White Sox fan of search engines? I don’t White Sox fans quite have that identity. That utilitarian, no-frills aspect is sorta accurate. But then you see the latest White Sox commercial where it’s a low-cost attempt at making a heavy metal death rock video. That’s not no-frills. It’s more of a pandering to the lowest common denominator.

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