Yeti Iceweaver (Crazy Defense Heroes) digital card

For about six months I actively collected digital cards on the Quidd iOS app. I spent a couple dollars inside the app. I eventually gave it up, because the app was getting more and more geared leveraged for people who spent money to buy a ton of coins (which then in turn is used to buy cards).

Now Quidd allows users to sell their digital cards for real money. I figure I’ll try it out. Digital cards are so hot these days, maybe I’ll accidentally make something.

If anyone wants to buy my #5/10,500 Yeti Iceweaver, it’s available for $500! That’s probably too high, but meh, let’s see if someone bites. This is my second best card I somehow pulled from a pack. I actually really like this card, because I love anything to do with snow and ice.

The Yeti Iceweaver comes from the Crazy Defense Heroes brand. Recently a #1/5 from Crazy Defense Hereos sold for $3,500!! That’s a pop! If a Crazy Defense Hero could sell for that much, maybe my #5 can get some coin.

Screenshot from Quidd Newsletter, Volume 2, March 22, 2021

Eventually, I’ll put up my most valuable card a #1/1,500 “Anson and Mary” Star Trek card.

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