New word: yollo

‘yollo’ definition:
When you say both ‘yo’ and ‘hello’ at the same time, with a little ironic flavor of the old school yolo (you only live once) craze.

Yollo Abhay! How are you?

yo, hello, yolo, greeting

I should submit this definition to the linguistic elites of Urban Dictionary, so they can go ahead and reject it. But check this out.

screenshot of 'yollo' definition on Its like yo but it has the end of hello("llo")

“Yollo” already exists in the Urban Dictionary with basically the same definition as mine!!! Big Pig beat me to it in 2005. Wow!

They definitely went more the slang route with their example.

  • Theirs: yollo bitch. Hows it goin?
  • Mine: Yollo Abhay. How are you?

Mine is so tame compared to theirs.

Big Pig’s definition doesn’t seem to be very popular on Urban Dictionary. 90 upvotes against 151 downvotes. Maybe I should submit mine to see what happens. Maybe my ‘yolo’ reference in the definition might have some resonance.

Some people have expressed to me that “yollo” has been a word since the days of “Mello Yellow”. However, it appears that Google does not agree. A Google search for: “yollo” “mello yellow” has only THREE results.

Thus, it seems yollo and Mello Yellow is not a thing. Thank you.

I’ll keep this blog post updated if Urban Dictionary accepts or denies my definition submission.

Update of celebration

Great news! The linguistic elitists at Urban Dictionary have ACCEPTED my definition for ‘yollo’!!!

I never got a rejection notice via email (I wasn’t even expecting an acceptance notice). I checked the word ‘yollo‘ on their site. Lo and behold, there is my definition rocking the second place.

See that one upvote? That’s mine.

PLEASE UPVOTE MY DEFINITION. You can give thumbs up without logging in.

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