You don’t really want pristine mint condition baseball cards, do you?

Look at all those nicely preserved cards, all sharp and crisp

Seeing an image like this of pristine cards all nicely preserved inside protectors makes me want to make more well-worn cards. A baseball card with sharp corners is so institutional. “CAREFUL! Don’t set that card on the table, you might nudge the corner.” Baseball cards are meant to be worn.

I’m making a fine art of wearing down baseball cards. Here’s a 1991 Donruss Jeff Treadwell.

Jeff Treadwell in a well-worn state

More coming about how I wore down this card.

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10 years ago

That Jeff Treadwell card is far more interesting in its new state.

10 years ago

In the past 15 years the baseball card industry has gone bonkers trying to come up with more and more gimmicky cards (bat slices in cards, shiny hologram patterns, etc.) If they really want to shake things up they should introduce a series similar to your altered Treadwell card. They don’t necessarily need to put the cards through a “roughing-up” machine. Just make a few different dies that cut the cards to “torn” sizes like your treadwell. They could printed scuffed up marks. I like that idea of representing aged cards by means of the printing process.

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