What photos would you like to see on display at the Art Institute of Chicago?

Tucked away in the Art Institute’s archives are thousands of wonderful photos. 18,488 to be exact. Whoa! You can explore these 18,488 photos on the Art Institute’s online collection.

Are there any photos you’d like to see displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago?

How do you even begin to start tackling 18,488 photos? That’s 1,702 different photographers. What an expansive collection!

Let’s start with the ten photographers with the most photos in the Art Institute’s collection:

  1. John Gossage (600 photos)
  2. Ishimoto Yasuhiro (304 photos)
  3. Aaron Siskind (246 photos)
  4. André Kertész (244 photos)
  5. Irving Penn (219 photos)
  6. Kenneth Josephson (213 photos)
  7. Eugene W. Smith (206 photos)
  8. Joel Sternfeld (206 photos)
  9. Edward Weston (203 photos)
  10. Bob Thall (189 photos)

Is that still too many photos to look through? Let’s look at some of the photographers that have a smaller quantity of photos. Each results page on the Art Institute’s collection displays 10 photos at a time. Let’s look at photographers with exactly 20 photos, giving us two pages of photos per photographer.

Alvin Langdon Coburn English, born United States, 1882–1966

Elliott Erwitt American, born 1928

John Gutmann American, born Germany, 1905–1998

Terry Husebye American, born 1945

Sergio Larráin Chilean, born 1932

Charles Pratt American, 1926–1976

Robert Riger American, 1924–1995

Out of all these photos, the Art Institute’s collections site says that only 18 photos are currently on display (as of June 7, 2017).

That seems to be incorrect. Or maybe it’s true. But hey, there are over 18,000 to explore on their site. Start digging around!

If you find any photos from the Art Institute collection that you’d like to see on display, please tweet me or leave a comment on this post. Thank you!