You’re a teaniac (tea maniac)

Rebelliousbird recently called me a teaniac (tea maniac). What other combinations are there?

teaver (tea + believer)

teatee (tea + devotee)

teaddict (tea + addict)

teaiast (tea + enthusiast)

teaical (tea + radical)

teaist (tea + extremist)

teak (tea + freak)

tealot (zealot + tea)

tean (tea + fan)

teaniac (tea + maniac)

teatric (tea + eccentric)

teapot (tea + crackpot)

teacake (tea + fruitcake)

teacase (tea + nutcase)

teapath (teah + pyschopath)

teaball (tea + screwball)

Of those 16 names, the following domains are available:

You’re welcome tea shop startups.

Do you have any favorites of the 16 names?

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