Youtube videos of Transformers techno and dance music

Here’s a collection of 10 youtube videos that feature Transformers clips with techno/dance music in the background.

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    Transformers Soundwave breakdancing!
    Soundwave, one of the coolest Transformers ever, is a totally rad cassette player from the 80s. It only makes sense that he can annihilate the dancefloor by breakdancing. Super cool video. This video is what inspired me to find other Transformers dance/techno videos on youtube. Sadly, this is the only video I could find of Soundwave breakdancing.

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    Transformers Dance
    This 2005 commercial for the Citroën C4 is what gave vision to how amazing live-action Transformers can be.
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    (DW) Transformers Remix
    At first this video seems like it's the regular intro for the 1985 Transformers cartoon. But it lays on a remix at 0:30. Not a great remix, but it's fun.

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    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – DJ Sogma Scorponok Remix
    Nice dramatic clips from Transformers 2 to this epic song.
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    Transformers vs. Daft Punk – Robot Rock
    I love how many dancing scenes this video uses from the 1986 Transformers movie.
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    Techno Transformer
    Cool collection of newer Transformers animated clips from Transformers Galaxy Force, Generation 1, Armada, Energon, and Beast Machines. (Song is "Help Me" by Kelis)

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    Transformers The Movie : Trailer Remix (1986)
    Another epic song. This time done to the 1986 movie. Great use of voiceovers from the movie along with the timing of the music to the video clips. The timing of Prime falling at 1:49 is really really cool.
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    Transformers “Lets Roll 2 Ol Skool Remix 2007
    Since this song is "Let's take it back to the old school," I kinda wish the entire video was 80s clips. But only the first 0:52 had 80s clips. But the Transformers 1 clips do function well here to the song, even though the song is rather repetitive.
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    Transformers: The Movie (1986) Original Trailer
    The official trailer for the 1986 Transformers animated movie. Ok, so it doesn’t have dance music, but I love how the voice artist says, "And the FINAL confrontration between Optimus Prime and Megatron."

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    Transformers Prime(Daft Punk Fall)
    I'm not sure where these CGI clips came from, but it's kinda neat to see them played to Daft Punk's "Fall."

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