Angel Hernandez, gimme a break.

Angel Hernandez Sucks

The worst umpire in baseball. You can find a better ump at your Little League game.

MLB forums agree, Angel sucks
The forums seem to agree that Angel Herandez is the most awful umpire in major league baseball. They even managed to find this Angel Hernandez page!...

Angel Hernandez blows another call

Angel Hernandez and the New York Mets 1998
July 5, 1998
On July 5, the New York Mets lost a 3-2, 11-inning contest to the Braves when umpire Angel Hernandez called Atlanta's Michael Tucker safe at the plate on a sacrifice fly even though the ball clearly beat Tucker to the plate and catcher Mike Piazza appeared to get the tag down.
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The stats on Angel Hernandez
He calls the most strikes in the majors in 2000 according to the Ultimate Jays.

USA Today 1999 out of 36 National League Umps he is listed:
34: temperment
32: respect for players
32: consistency
31: worst overall

Some 2000 stats:
The biggest roadie in the league? Angel Hernandez with a 22-12/+1420 record for the vistors.

Check out the 40-year-old 8-year mlb veteran's profile on mlb....

Angel Hernandez lookin tough

Angel Hernandez and Chicago Cubs, 2001
August 7, 2001
The Cubs' chaotic evening started in the sixth. The Cubs thought they had tied the score 2-2 in the sixth when Ron Coomer slid home on a wild pitch. But home plate umpire Angel Hernandez ruled Coomer was out.

"I was safe," said Coomer. "[Pitcher Denny Neagle] tried to block the plate, and I pushed him away."

The crowd of 40,266 booed until former Bears defensive tackle and pro wrestler Steve "Mongo"McMichael grabbed the microphone in the seventh inning. "Don't worry about that call at the plate. Mongo will talk to the ump after the game," McMichael said before singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

The message incited the crowd and infuriated Hernandez, who ejected McMichael.
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Angel Hernandez and Jerry Manuel, 2001
May 25, 2001
Even after a late-inning rally and a night of sleep, Manuel was still equally adamant that home plate umpire Angel Hernandez was wrong to overturn a home run by Wil Cordero, which led to Manuel's ejection.

Cordero hit a towering fly ball down the left-field line that third base umpire Marvin Hudson ruled a home run. After Cordero completed his trot and returned to the dugout, Hernandez changed it to a foul ball.

"I asked him, 'Are you 100 percent sure?' '' Manuel said yesterday, getting emotional again. "He said, 'I'm 100 percent sure.' Then I said, 'Well, I'm 100 percent sure you'll watch the video and see it was a home run.' ''

Angel lookin tough again

Angel Hernandez and Mike Cameron, 2000
October 12, 2000
Cameron said plate umpire Angel Hernandez's strike zone was especially wide,
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Angel Hernandez and his changing strike zone, 2000
October 12, 2000
"You can't have the umpire changing the strike zone in the eighth inning," Rhodes said. "I threw some good pitches, and I didn't get the calls."

Rhodes wasn't alone in that assessment. Catcher Dan Wilson, who offered a mocking laugh when the subject of the strike zone came up, would offer only a "no comment" when pressed.

Early in the game, Hernandez's strike zone was as wide as the Bronx. By the time Rhodes showed up, it looked like Weight Watchers' most successful graduate ever.

"To be honest with you, it seemed like the strike zone kept shrinking and shrinking," shortstop Alex Rodriguez said.

"Arthur threw some damn good pitches, but they kept squeezing him."
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Angel Hernandez and New York Yankees, 2000
October 12, 2000
Seattle southpaw starter John Halama, who limited the Yankees to four hits in his six shutout innings, and pitching coach Bryan Price both discussed the apparently inconsistent strike zone of home plate umpire Angel Hernandez.
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Angel Hernandez and Cookie Rojas, 1999
June 9, 1999
New York lost another coach albeit briefly when Cookie Rojas was ejected in the third inning for arguing that third-base umpire Angel Hernandez should have called a balk.
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Angel Hernandez and Benitez, 2000
July 14, 2000
Benitez threw a 96 mph fastball on the outside corner. Home plate umpire Angel Hernandez froze before calling it a ball, high and outside.
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Angel Hernandez and the New York Mets, 1998
July 6, 1998
In a wild ending that will long be remembered in Atlanta and will undoubtedly hit the New York Mets in their wallets, Michael Tucker's slide and home plate umpire Angel Hernandez's game-ending call in the 11th inning Sunday afternoon ignited a raging argument
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Angel Hernandez and John Franco, 1998
July 6, 1998
Mets reliever John Franco, catcher Mike Piazza and manager Bobby Valentine argued vehemently with plate umpire Angel Hernandez following his safe call.
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Angel Hernandez and Mike Hargrove, 1996
March 26, 1996

Mike Hargrove continues to argue with home plate umpire Angel Hernandez during the start of the second inning after Hernandez kicked a bat left at home plate by Kenny Lofton on a close call strike three in the first inning. (Gary I. Rothstein/Special to the Beacon Journal)

Angel Hernandez and Devon White, 1998
April 12 1998
In Devon White's three years in the National League, one man consistently has gotten him out: umpire Angel Hernandez. White has been ejected from three NL games, all by Hernandez, who completed the hat trick after calling White out on strikes in the first inning last Friday night.

"Every time he's behind the plate, I'm not going to get a good pitch because he will call anything (a strike),'' White said. "This has been going on for three years.''

White, a 13-year veteran, said all of his run-ins with Hernandez have been as a result of called strikes.

"The first time, he went at me like he was going to kick my butt,'' White said. "I don't stand for that. It hasn't been a good relationship. I think he definitely has a vendetta. (NL president) Leonard Coleman should look at the situation. Three years in a row, the same two guys are going at it. Something's got to be wrong. They should find out what's going on.''
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Angel Hernandez and Kenny Lofton, 1996
March 26, 1996
Mike Hargrove continues to argue with home plate umpire Angel Hernandez during the start of the second inning after Hernandez kicked a bat left at home plate by Kenny Lofton on a close call strike three in the first inning.

"It was very obvious that he was looking to kick somebody out. Better me than the players. They need their at-bats," Hargrove said, continuing:

"That (kicking Lofton's bat) was the most unprofessional thing I've ever seen an umpire do.

"He said that Kenny was trying to show him up when he dropped the bat. I told him that's what he does when he walks, but he couldn't get that through his head."

Major League Service Time: 10 Years.

Joined the major league staff in 1993

Has worked:
• All-Star Game
• Division Series
(1997, 98 and 2002)
• League Championship Series
(2000, 01)
• 2002 World Series
• Monterrey (Mexico) Season Opener in 1999
• Opening Series 2000 in Tokyo, Japan

Previously umpired in
• Florida State League
• Carolina League (1984-85)
• Southern League (1986-87)
• American Association
• Inter-Alliance in Venezuela

Born on August 26, 1961 in Havana, Cuba

currently resides in Wellington, FL

married Mireya (11/10/84)

has two children: Jennifer Marie (10/12/85) and Melissa Amanda (12/28/89)

graduated from Hialeah High School in 1981

works with the Boys & Girls Club, a hospital in Royal Palm Beach and various Little League Organizations

received the key to the city of Hialeah, School Helping Hand Award at Binks Forest and various awards for helping out with youth programs

one of his proudest moments as a major league umpire was working the 1999 All-Star Game in Boston

hobbies include boating, fishing, motorcycles, scuba diving, golfing and weightlifting.