~July 30, 2000~
In Grandma Dunker's backyard, now known as the Battlefield, the "Founding Four" were playing croquet. It was discussed that we form a Yahoo group to assist in planning officical Chicago croquet games.

~August 1, 2000~
Chicago Croquet is created at Yahoo Groups by Matt Maldre.

~July 21, 2001~
First officially recorded game is played. Peter Kreten wins both the first game and the shot of the day; therefore, for the moment earning him the record highest average of 200 points.

~July 29. 2001~
Matt the Mauler starts his 1st place reign. Still holding to this very day.

~August 17, 2001~
Club name announced.

Website will be announced. Squirearchy will join Extreme Croquet Network.

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