Easter preview

This Easter Sunday brings about the grandiousque possibilites
of Croquet matches in the Maldre backyard!

What events shall unfold? What new champions shall
RESURRECT? Will someone croquet an EGG instead of their
ball? Will someone's ball HOP over anothers?

As I dwelled on such deep reflections, it occured to me that the
Maldre household was lacking a mallet from their 6-mallet set. In
a tragic event last year, yours truly broke one of the well-beloved
aged mallets. To resolve such inefficaciousness oversight, I
purchased a new 4-mallet set of Spaulding creations from ebay.

I plan on giving one mallet from this set to the Maldre collection.
Another mallet shall be given to the Grandma collection (as
brother Erik has accidentally broke one of her mallets). I shall
hold onto the the other 2 mallets in event of another broken
mallet. If you would like to preview the new set, go to:
(This link will probably only work for a couple weeks.)

Yes, yes, I know you are thinking, "oh my, this certainly is no
mallet of the caliber of the Jacques that I am used to." Indeed,
this is probably one of the cheapest croquet sets out there. But I
figured it's either using one of these or using a stinkin' baseball
bat. And certainly it would be a grave disappointment to have only
a five croquet set with six eager players.

Now with much fervent hope, I anxiously anticipate to recieve it in
the mail soon.

As for Easter Sunday, I wish all of you luck, because I shall
BURY the fragile competition!

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