GAME REPORT: Matt "The Mauler" Maldre pulls into lead

After the first game, the 9-wicket field was quickly disassembled and
we rushed through the rain to meet the deadline of 4pm.

The rain continued to fall throughout dinner and dessert. And what a
fine feast it was. But we could not help but wonder if any more games
where to be played for the rest of the day.

The precipitation finally came to a halt, and we jumped out to play a
second game. The temperature dropped to an agreeable comfort. The sun
hid behind the clouds. It was accorded that we shall play in the open
field, and not under the trees.

This 9-wicket court was set up to be much larger than the previous
regulation court. The largest croquet court our fine club has ever

Kelly and Matt jumped out to the lead by the fourth hoop.

But by the second half, Erik was a foot away from the centre hoop in
the lead. Matt had just completed the hoop before the centre hoop.
With the hoodlum neighborhood children watching from a nearby bench,
Matt whalloped his ball from an astounding 60 feet away towards the
centre hoop. The ball bounced it's way toward the hoop, it bounced
off the far post and through the hoop! A MOST AMAZING SHOT INDEED!

The savage braggart neighborhood children were exhilirated and
rejoiced the incredible shot. Matt kept his poise like a true
champion. Was it the shot of the day? Matt declined, "No way, my shot
went further, but jeez, Peter's shot went waist-high into the air."

This incredible shot propelled Matt into the lead. If his shot had
merely landed behind the hoop, or in front of it, Erik could have
roqueted Matt's ball and projected himself into the lead. That was a
shot that bona fidedly gave Matt the game.

Matt was the first to stake out. Erik had the opportunity to stake
out second, but he caught a bit of the showboat bug, as he attempted
to make his final hoop striking his ball standing backwards. His ball
stuck to the post, and Kelly zoomed past him for second place. Erik
regrettedly finished third. Peter, the champion of the first game at
Beverly Park, finished fourth.

A third game was under way with lighting and thunder in the
background. The game was called off after it was a quarter of the way

Interviewed after the game about that incredible shot through the
middle hoop, Matt commented, "In a case like that, one would normally
aim for a few feet in front of the hoop, as to not overshoot the ball
on the wrong side. But in that case, I don't know what consecrated
me, but I aimed for the blasted hoop. And well, you know the rest is
unfeignedly obvious."

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