Summer Slam 2001 announced

"Croquet Summer Slam" shall occur in the Maldre Yard on Sunday, August 19.

Attendees already planning on participating are Matt "The Mauler" Maldre
with "The Terminator", Erik "Waterboy" Maldre with the "SOS Hammer", and
Mati Maldre with his unnamed croquet mallet.

The Mauler has challenged the Peter "The Black Hen" to the first ever
"lights out" bloodmatch in Chicago Croquet's history! We are awaiting The
Black Hen's response.

This shall certainly be a day of extragantal croquetness as foundational
history shall occur for our club.
* The name for our club shall be presented on this fair day.
* Logo options may be presented
* The database may be completed with new standings

It is realized the WWF Summer Slam shall also occur on Sunday at 7pm, so the
games are encouraged not to overlap this event.

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