Fallout I announced

Fallout 1 at Grandma's Battlefield shall occur on the day of September 8, in the fine year of our Lorde 2001.

After the Mauler and Punisher split two games at this year's Summer Slam, the Mauler wishes to avenge this draw with a die-end-all rubber bloodmatch.

The Mauler said in a recent interview, "Punisher! We have some unfinished business to attend to. At Summer Slam we split two games. Yes, THAT is TRUE...unfortunately. I shall avenge this loss. Oh yes, I SHALL!
------At this upcoming Fallout,
------I'll roquet and croquet
------and freakin' BROQUET
------yo' ball everywhere.
------When I'm done with you,
------you'll end up in the BAR-BE-QUE!
So you better be ready for one dandy of a bloodmatch and get
your aluminum foil suit on buddy, cuz you're gonna get FRIED!"

We are awaiting Punisher's response.

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