Erik Maldre
Elmhurst, IL USA

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Preferred color of ball
no preference
Name of your Mallet
505 Hammer
Speciality shots
The flying chisel shot
I am the only player in the history of the CCSG to perform a full half-court run. Actually it was a little more than a full half-court. AND it was achieved on the rough and challenging Kreten Field course. I am the 2000 CCSG Champion.
Style of Play
Get the rock through the gates and leave em in the dust
Best shot made
most people would say how they jumped over other's balls and went through a gate or how they took a shot and it bounced off a root and went through the gate. I believe the best shot I made was one that caused a stir in the rulebook of the CCSG. It involves the definition of a "lift". I have the ingenious fortune of adding a 46 degree angle to my superior mallet, thus giving me a fair, competitive advantage in rough terrain. I was able to single-handedly redefine what is a "lift" and what isn't a "lift" in the CCSG. Call me what you wish: rulebender, troublemaker, toilcauser, but history will show I am a pioneer of croquet. A pioneer that brought croquet into the 21st century.
If you were to win the Squirearchy trophy, where would it be displayed?
I WILL display the "Squirearchy" trophy in the backwindshield of my car
Where would your ideal tournament be held?
on top of a mini-mall would be interesting
Five other famous or non-famous people you'd love to play croquet with
Jerome Kreten, Grace Kreten, Kathleen Maldre, Sachin Tendulkar, and Eli Whitney. Jerome, Grace and Kathleen are relatives (uncle, aunt, mom) who are spectators of CCSG games. They have never played a game and I would be smitten to have them participate in a CCSG match. Sachin is known as the world's greatest cricket player, so he would be an excellent test of my skills. Eli Whitney would be dreamy because he invented the cotton gin and cotton gins are cool.
Your drink on the croquet course
a smooth A&W root beer sounds good. I also enjoy a brisk 7up, the uncola