Kelly Kreten
The First Lady
Chicago, IL USA

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Preferred color of ball
yellow or red.  Yellow is such a cheerful color. Although it's easier for the others to spot and use towards their benefits.    
Name of your Mallet
The never know what my mallet may do next!
Speciality shots
Having my ball hop over another ball and land in the place of victory by hitting the stick!
Somehow managing to have my ball hop over someone else's when both of us were on the final two rings on our way to winning.  My ball hopped over the others and rolled right to victory!
Style of Play
psyching out the competition by starting out slowly
Best shot made
none that were truly amazing
If you were to win the Squirearchy trophy, where would it be displayed?
the trophy would be displayed wherever i could find that would let everyone know that i'm a champion!
Where would your ideal tournament be held?
somewhere with many obstacles allowing for somewhat of a challenge...roots, sewers, holes in ground.  the more challenging the
Five other famous or non-famous people you'd love to play croquet with
--1)John Lennon--imagine all the people living in harmony   2) Darren Hayes (from Savage Garden.  His personality is like mine, causing for a very hectic and fun game!)  3)Two friends who would kill me if I said their actual names.  (They'd be totally embarrassed if I said their names.  But, they know who they are!!!!  Bed of lettuce!)  4)Jeremy London--he's so dreamy!  :-)   5)The Buddha--he'd show us how to truly be enlightened on the croquet field.  Plus, we could meditate between turns.  How relaxing would that be!!!
Your drink on the croquet course
A nice and energizing Pepsi.  Gives me the caffeine rush necessary to play croquet.  Let's me keep up with everyone!!!-