Pat Seger
Lombard, IL USA

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Preferred color of ball
I really like orange, a lot, seriously, a lot.
someone once called me yoda, but only once
Name of your Mallet
number 4, from grandma D's collection
Speciality shots
Sir William; the ball rolls completely around the opponents ball and then on to the next ring
a half-court or more run, on Kreten court; finishing a game in the dark with swarming disease infested mosquitos attacking us gentlemen
Style of Play
strategic yet simplistic
Best shot made
not sure
If you were to win the Squirearchy trophy, where would it be displayed?
on Matt's door step, facing in
Where would your ideal tournament be held?
there were a way to lay down some sod or grass at the old Amoco(no longer under that name, you know, that really tall white building down town)that building has a lot of stairs, drop-offs, and slopes, a very challenging course it would be.; or a really large field.
Five other famous or non-famous people you'd love to play croquet with
Gary Larson; Danny Black; Adam Sandler; Jerry; Mike Sinon
Your drink on the croquet course
Schweppes ginger ale