Peter Kreten
Chicago, IL USA

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Preferred color of ball
Name of your Mallet
Final Justice
Speciality shots
Being able to hit my ball from one gate to another and have it go though in one shot
Shot of the year; held most shots of the day in the history of squirearchy
Style of Play
to win
Best shot made
In Beverly Park I hit my ball from one gate to another (that was 50feet away) and it went through. See game report from 7/21
If you were to win the Squirearchy trophy, where would it be displayed?
in a place of honor in my home
Where would your ideal tournament be held?
Wembley Stadum
Five other famous or non-famous people you'd love to play croquet with
1. John Lennon 2. Kurt Cobain 3. Sir Paul McCartney 4.Podlow 5.Beek
Your drink on the croquet course
Wild Cherry Pepsi

Because i am wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!