17.00 Optional minor adaptions to current rules

17.10 Simultaneous Start
Play begins with the first shot, which is taken simultaneously at the count of three by all players.  Positions are chosen along a pre-determined line in an order determined by the target shot, above.  The player who came closest to the target gets first choice of position, and so on.  Players are not allowed to choose a position that would interfere with another player's swing.

17.20 Change order of wickets
The first player through the first two wickets can decide which corner wicket will then be the next wicket, either the left or right corner wicket.

17.30 JCC Fun Games

17.31 Could you play a few shots with your eyes closed?

17.32 On one leg?

17.33 Like to move an opposing ball anywhere you like?

17.34 Whenever you run a hoop your opponents draw a chance card - some are good, some are bad.

17.35 Collect more clothes pegs than your opponents. Get too much of a lead and your opponents may steal half your pegs with a sneaky peel.

17.36 Play cat and mouse

17.37 Are you a marauder or a collector? Collect more pegs than your opponents while disrupting their plans and even stealing some of their pegs.

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17.40 Warps
(as stated in rule 5.11 of Squirearchy rules) Warps can be used to "teleport" a ball from one part of the course to another. Once a player enters a warp, the extra shot must be taken from the final designated warp site on that same turn.

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