The Domingo Ramos Legacy
Back when the Cubs won their division in 1989, my brother and I were in 8th grade. Domingo Ramos was to become a personal favorite of ours because of the way he wore his baseball hat. He would bend the bill to an extreme curve and wear it very low on his head almost covering his eyes.

When we would play baseball, we would wear our hats in the cool Domingo Ramos style. Thus a he developed a cult-like following amoungst our friends. GO GO dominGO!

Domingo Ramos Bat
Recently I have procured a Domingo Ramos bat off ebay! It even has duct tape marks. What a guy! He uses duct tape on his bats!
Check it out in real-life size!

The super-big Domingo Ramos
Now you can have your very own Domingo Ramos poster!
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Yeah, yeah, all I have is one lousy baseball card of Domingo when he was with the Mariners. I've gotta find some cards of him with the Cubs. Please send any Domingo Ramos cards to me!
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I kinda like how this baseball card puts "IF" for infield. But it could also be read as "if". Like... What "if" Domingo Ramos hit the ball here.

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