Chocolate page!
oooo chocolate *done in homer simpson style voice* "hmmmm, chaulk-co-luuuut" mouth wide open tongue sticking out *ggguuurrgllll*. Oh, chocolate. I get urges for that stuff all the time. mmm, mmmm. All the good chocoloate products out there... we live in a magical age indeed!

Fudge Pond
That reminds me of the cookie called Fudge Round by Little Debbie. But I like to call it Fudge Pond. Wouldn't that be a neat name for a cookie..."Fudge Pond." It's like you're getting a whole crap load of chocolate in this cookie.

ponds tend to be circular like cookies.
"ponds" in this context mean a whole lotta chocolate
"ponds" invokes a down-home feel

and fudge sounds better than chocolate because:
it just sounds more thick
it sounds more down-home feel.

"fudge" and "pond" together sound really neat.
they have nice consonants or somethin.

yeah, this is gettin' me hungrrrrrrry for one of them
"Fudge Pond" cookies!

Fudge Pond Links:
Official Fudge Round Site

Little Debbie Song

"I've recently been having the super-healthy breakfast of a Fudge Round (Little Debbie Snack Cake thing) and a Dr. Pepper. It does wonders for the constitution."

Moose Tracks ice cream
Have you ever had Moose Tracks ice cream? If you haven't, go out and get some right now. Don't even bother reading the rest of this webpage. Moose Tracks is just that important in life. :-) For now, you can check out Dean's website for moosetracks: It's pretty lame IMHO. Once I add more to this page, I will give you the inside SCOOP on how to buy the container of Moose Tracks at the store, how to eat moose tracks, and much much more. Sign up now to recieve email updates of when the spudart site is updated:

Chocolate or vanilla
Personally, if i had the choice of which to eat, it depends on what else is available. If there are no toppings available, I'd choose the chocolate. If there were toppings available, I'd choose the vanilla. It doesn't even have to be a chocolate topping, it could be strawberries, pineapples, cherry juice, etc. But I could be just as happy with plain vanilla. Sometimes plain chocolate by itself can be nasty, too chemically or something... something odd with it. But most of the time plain chocolate is very good. Now in an ideal world there would be Dean's Moose Tracks ice cream as an option.

*this page was created from various emails I wrote to people about chocolate.


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