Google decides the battle of Cutsie vs Cutesie vs Cutesy

Cute baby hedgehogSo many different ways to spell cutesy. Years ago I posted a photo of a baby hedgehog asking if the word is spelled cutsie or cutesie. Google loved it, giving me pretty good traffic for cutsy. I never capitalized on the traffic until years later I figured I should do some research into this hotly debated field of how to spell cutsie/cutesie/cutesy.

Looking at the results from Google is one route. I have several other methods that might make it into a future webcomic:

  1. Frequency of these three words appearing in books.
  2. Etymology of cute
  3. Explorations of other similar words used in the 1800s

It’s all good cute fun. Since a few weeks ago cuteoverload announced they are shutting down, the internet could stand to use a little more cute.

We also have the first appearance of Akora the fennec fox in the Spudart comic. I needed a character to help give a closure to Etym and the Worm’s battle. What better character than a fennec fox? They are soooo adorable!

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8 years ago

What a “cutesy” way to introduce the adorable Akora! I love this sketch…Akora and Etym would make great plush animals 😉

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