Instead of Daylight Savings, what if we had Day Savings?

If there’s any day of the year where you can show up half an hour late to work, it’s the day after Daylight Savings. Turning the clocks back one hour throws the rhythm off things.

A friend of mine works at a library where people use Daylight Savings as an excuse for why they returned a laptop late, beyond the 3pm deadline. One person even tried to use the excuse when returning it two days late! That’s not Daylight Savings, that’s Say Savings! And hence, the inspiration for this webcomic.

Instead of Daylight Savings, what if we actually had Day Savings? Instead of turning our clocks back one hour, we would turn our calendars back one day.

The results are quite amazing. In March we would be able to repeat a Saturday. Then in November, we get to skip a Monday!

Give me Day Savings now!

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7 years ago

There is no logical reason for daylight savings time. Just get up earlier.

5 years ago
Reply to  Morley

I agree with Morley. I think we should STAY- Standard Time All Year. Changing our clocks twice a year is nuts.
BTW- It’s Daylight Saving Time. No s on the Saving. And in reality, we use more energy during DST, so nothing is being saved at all…

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