I hope the Death Star librarian is in the new “Tiny Death Star” game

With this mobile app you can “buy, build and oversee the development of its moon-sized space station.” Engadget reports: “You’ll also employ 30 unique galactic ‘bitizens,’ including Wookiees and Ewoks, as you build as many as 80 residential and commercial Death Star floors.”

There might be just one thing missing from this Death Star video game…

I hope the tiny Death Star has a librarian. In the 2007 novel “Death Star” by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry, there is a librarian on the Death Star named Atour Riten. He is a key element that helps fix many plot holes in Episode IV. For instance, how did Luke and Han get such easy access to so many areas? It was the Death Star Librarian Atour Riten who was working behind the scenes granting them access.

I also have a personal hope in that Death Star Librarian will be in this game, because for the past four years I have been tweeting as @atourriten.

However, since there are ewoks in this game, that means this is Death Star II. My hopes of Atour Riten being in this game just blew up.

Is there a vocation you’d like to see in the Death Star game? How about graphic designer? Or garbage man? Leave your answers in the comments below or via Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Ask.com, Facebook, or reddit.

↓ Transcript
Headline: Tiny Death Star is alive in iOS app

Screenshot of opening frame of Tiny Death Star game

Screenshot of floors inside game

Pixel man: Whoa.

Pixel man: 80 residential and commercial Death Star floors?! There better be a library floor!

Pixel man: Employ 30 unique galactic 'bitizens'?! Where is Atour Riten librarian of the Death Star?

Pixel ewok: But me ewok in game.

Pixel ewok: This Death Star 2.

Pixel ewok: Atour Riten on Death Star 1.

Pixel man: My hopes of Atour Riten being in this game just blew up.

Footer: I am @atourriten on twitter

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Sarah Renee
10 years ago

Awww…the Twitter bird by crefun is the cutest plush of all! 😉

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