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Solution for Derrick Rose’s neck tape ban by the NBA

Clearly, the NBA doesn’t know style or function. Not only does Derrick Rose’s Kinesiotape looks mighty cool, but it serves a true function of helping with neck strain. Why not just ban knee braces too? Knee braches serve a function of helping players. Oh wait. The NBA allows knee braces, because they don’t look cool. If your brace looks too cool, you can’t wear it.

But we do have a solution!

The comic character’s words were originally my comment on Matt’s facebook post. I enjoyed them so much, I put them into a webcomic. 🙂 If you’d like to click through to the link in Matt’s post, it goes here:

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I want to see your webcomic guy with Kinesiotape on his neck. Wait, he has no neck! Oh no!