Social media plush toys

Twitter, facebook, instagram. You love social media; or you know someone who loves social media. Everyone loves plush toys. What if the two combined? Social media plushies!

Now you can hug the twitter bird! Or when twitter goes down, you can smash the twitter bird.

Twitter bird by crefun

This very detailed plush is based on a Twitter logo that I’m not sure where it came from. Crefun provides a service that makes custom single or bulk stuffed plush toys. I don’t think they are selling the actual twitter plush, but this is more of a proof of concept of their skills.

Twitter bird by etsy seller FreshStitches

Actually, FreshStitches is not selling the crochet Twitter bird, instead she is selling the crochet pattern. You can make your own twitter bird! FreshStitches says on her etsy page:

Nervous about crocheting a stuffed animal? Don’t be! This bird is an easy-level pattern! This pattern contains detailed instructions and lots of photos. Also, you can visit my website ( for tips & crochet videos. AND you can always email me for help! You can do it!

Facebook like as seen on ebay

Who would’ve thought that the Facebook like hand could be so cute‚Ä
or so dismembered? If you ever wanted to buy a Facebook Like in the form of a plush, ebay is your spot. Many different sellers are selling this thumbs-up plush. Most social media services are relatively new, so having a plush is quite unique. However with Facebook, it seems rather standard. Have a Facebook like on your couch and you might get the response, “Oh Facebook, when do you get that plushie? In 2009?”

But since the “like” is associated with an action, you could have fun telling people you like them. Or you can go around the house and push the plushie against things you like and declare, “I like this photo. I like this refrigerator.” When a pizza arrives, you can declare, “I like this pizza.”

Hootsuite by hootsuite

The most adorable plushie I could find belongs to Hootsuite, the tweeting platform. Since March 2009, I’ve made over 4000 tweets using Hootsuite, so I love the service, and I love this plushie! However, Hoosuite is not selling these. Instead the plashes are used as giveaways for contests run by the the social media platform. They recently giveaway 100 “Owlys” to the best submissions to show how much you love Hootsuite. I wish I knew.

Instagram by etsy seller iheartmacaroon

This tiny keychain will demonstrate how silly you are for using the Instagram service. (You know that they claim forever rights to use your photos, even if you delete your photos from their site.) Despite that, this plushie is fun how the colored threads are used for the upper left part.

Reddit by deviantart user PerilousBard

For many people they don’t know Reddit. It’s the 29th most popular site in America. Many geeks use it as a bulletin board and a way to share links. (I like Reddit). PerilousBard made this for her reddit-obsesssed boyfriend. This crocheted Reddit alien could be the perfect gift for your dorky lover. PerilousBard takes custom orders, like a reddit robot.

Find more social media plush toys?

To find these soft treasures, I searched on amazon, ebay, etsy, thinkgeek, and entertainment earth. I also looked for Flickr, MySpace, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and Tumblr; but came up with nothing. If you happen to find other social media plashes, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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